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 Max Media Services Pricing Structure

MMG Service Pricing Structure

Our Service Pricing Philosophy: Transparent, Upfront Price Structure.

As we continually research our competitors in the marketplace comparing service offerings and price structure, we noticed a very disturbing trend surface. On average, 9 out of 10 of our competitors do not provide a clue to their pricing structure which coincides with their services offerings. Most of our competitors require a private, in-person consultation with you, before releasing their 'top-secret' price estimates. Why? Are they afraid the quality of their service offerings or the skill sets of their team do not match-up with their pricing structure?

We take the complete opposite approach, we are proud to make you aware of our service fees upfront, which are based upon two industry-standard pricing methods:


Our fee is lowest industry-accepted, standard agency rate of $100.00 per hour with a guaranteed quote of estimated hours for each service. Our contracts typically request 25% down upon the signing of a contractual agreement, with the remainding amount due to be paid via an affordable monthly payment schedule for a duration suitable to each client.

Typically, only website design and development services or print/digital graphic services fall under an hourly agency rate, with most services, such as our various digital marketing offerings, being chages at an all-inclusive, flat monthly service fee over the duration of the contractual agreement.


Our all-inclusive, flat monthly service fee, over the duration of a contractual agreement, is typical for our various digital marketing offerings.

*NOTE: You will find the upfront, transparent pricing, along with estimated completion hours for each of our service offerings at the lower portion of the web page for which it coincides. Meaning, for example, at the bottom of the 'Web Design' page you will find a pricing chart explaining what is included within our 'web design' services, as well as, the estimated time frame for completing an average 'web design' project.

**ADDITIONAL NOTE: Our affordable monthly payment plans are reserved for those clients whose websites and/or landing pages are hosted on our high-speed, secure cloud servers. If you choose to become our client we can easily migrate your website projects to our servers without any additional cost to you for the migration service - we will make it painless, with minimal or no downtime for your online business operations.

Our Two-Part 'Happiness Guarantee'


We see ourselves as partners with each client, working hand-in-hand towards a common profitable goal. Therefore, in the highly-unusual event that an hourly-based fee project exceeds the contractually estimated project completion time frame, we will discount your entire project by the exact percent in which the project has exceeded the quote for all services on that contract.

Meaning, for example, if we quoted a project at 50 hours and its takes 55 hours to complete, that is 10% over the completion estimate. Therefore we would discount the entire contract, including the additional hours, by 10%. 


Simply put, we will allow a minimum of 2 major client revision requests, to any web design or print/graphic project, unless otherwise contracted for more revisions. Upon, completion of the maximum number of client revision requests, the client and Max Media Group will sign an agreement that both parties feel the project is complete and that further revisions will require a revised contract at a 30% discount off the originally contracted hourly fee. Meaning, for example, if the original contractual agreement allowed for 2 major client revision requests, and you do not feel the project is complete, we will revise the contract, so that further revisions will be accomplished at a discounted rate of 30% off the originally contracted hourly service fee.


 *NOTE: Our all-inclusive, flat monthly service fee, such as our digital marketing services, which have a time frame duration that is contractually agreed upon, do not fall within the parameters of our 'Happiness Guarantees' as these services are not hourly based, but instead are already contracted at a discounted rate for 3 (three), 6 (six) or 12 (twelve) month contracts.

Hand-Picked Web Designers, Digital Graphic Artists & Marketing Professionals

We want you to know that the team members that are working on your project have the knowledge and skill-sets required to perform with excellence on your project. Therefore, we will very carefully assess and research your branding and business needs within the marketplace to determine who on our team is the best fit for your special project to maximize the results you expect to achieve from our service offerings. We will ensure that each professonal team member working on your company's projects will blend with the personality of your business philosophies.

Pricing Structure Questions:  If you have any questions about how your project would fit within our transparent pricing structure, do not hesitate to contact us - we are super friendly and never use high-pressure sales tactics when consulting.


Our Super Heroes include experts in Web Design, Software Development, Digital Marketing & Branded Graphics

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